Why Apply?

Frontier Innovators will design and deliver a tailored support program to build key capabilities, and provide you with access to unique opportunities that can help you grow.

Along the way, relevant advisors, potential partners and investors will work with you to strengthen your business and impact models. The aim of this is to prepare your business for growth and investment.

While we want to help your business to grow, this is not an accelerator or incubator. We will work with you to improve the way you deliver, measure, communicate and understand the impact that you are having.

By doing this we aim to help you access what you need to grow your business.

We want each and every business that applies for Frontier Innovators to benefit from applying.

So in addition to selecting up to 15 businesses to receive funding and tailored support, we will also be providing a larger group of finalists from each region with access to training and mentoring opportunities to help them grow.

Insights and learnings from the program will also be documented and made available to every business that applies to Frontier Innovators, including information around local funding opportunities and growth pathways.

Apply Now

Applications close September 30th (PDT)